Benidorm Seafront Promenade

By on February 13, 2012.

Benidorm is a coastal, tourist oriented city in Spain that is built to be very dense. The positive side of this concentration is that less acreage is used for an area that is only used for a portion of the year and empty for the rest. A competition was held to create a new promenade on a 1.5km long stretch of the west beach. The project is interesting in its focus because it serves as a barrier from the city for the beach, a transition zone, as well as a public zone with the opportunity for many other public activities.

The design provides an interesting alternative to common beach access points as well as an interesting landmark for people just wanting to take a run or a walk. The real gem here, I believe, is the form, specifically, how its specific shape makes it stand out. It gives the seafront and city an identity. Transition space is, in my opinion, tough to convert into both a space for relaxing as well as moving though, but I believe that the Benidorn Seafront does a wonderful job of accomplishing this hybrid of uses.