Book Review: BRACKET – [on farming]

By on June 27, 2011.

With an uncomfortable amount of glee, todays book review will be the introductive prelude to the first of BRACKET almanacs titled [on farming]. BRACKET is an online publication network of open source editors conflating design interests from environment and design.

Inside, BRACKET  ” .. highlights emerging critical issues at the juncture of architecture, environment, and digital culture. The series looks at thematics in our age of globalization that are shaping the built environment in unexpected yet radically significant ways.”

In an era where organic farmers markets are hip and sustainable ideas battle conspicuous consumption. Planners and designers can reinforce the notion that farming lies at the core of our culture and should be integrated wholly to create efficient and fluid landscapes.

That is precisely why the first volume  focuses [on farming].  Waited with Waldheimien diction, the book can test your discernment of language like a lawyers bar exam. Aside from that, BRACKET has given us graphical art with an introspective look at modern design based on values, scholastic research, and progressive zeitgeist.


Chapters follow the agrarian life cycle:  tilling/seeding,  plots/allotments,  harvest/yield,  crop rotation/sequencing  etc. Individually, the entries are conceptual designs or reports, often collaborations from researchers and designers, all with a a provoking command of digital media.  Together they reaffirm agriculture’s pivotal, driving role in respect to planning, infrastructure and landscape urbanism.

Like an almanac, BRACKET  tries to anticipate the future of  farming and environmental design by presenting progressive works aimed at a globally aware modern society. Check back for more predictions about predictions [on farming] and ponder how agrarian culture has shaped the structure of your city or country.

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