Concrete Canvas

By on May 23, 2011.

Concrete Canvas has been a buzz after going viral several months ago, but the UK students turned innovators have been racking up design and humanitarian awards across the globe while tweaking their product since 2006. Concrete cloth is a rolled fiber matting of concrete with a waterproof underside and reminds me of fat, sod rolls.

Their website has a ton of material on case studies and image profiles of the numerous applications including: ditch lining, erosion control, permanent waterproof shelters, portable military barriers, seating furniture and building cladding.

The ability of this material to create durable, quick, folding textures to site elements and facades can add the mystique of modernism to bland and restrictive concrete. Low Impact Site Design can be achieved by adding pathways to far off, sensitive areas. The quick ability to set and harden beats scheduling concrete pours.

Pictured is ditch lining application (left) and one of several sizes available for shipping (right).

Of course, pricing isn’t as cheap as one would like, but as an emerging product, time and mass manufacturing techniques will reduce manufacturing costs if the product is proven and demand is created across design disciplines.

The  concrete does grow algae like other untreated concrete, for a petina-like effect, if you will. Im sure future manufacturing techniques or proper maintenance can control this in unwanted situations.

We here at LandscapeInvocation we can’t wait to get our design paws of some samples. Comment if you have any other application ideas for the landscape architecture world, be it simplifying projects or dressing up a design!

James Wheeler is a graduate of Landscape Architecture and Botany at the University of Florida and a contributing writer to Landscape Invocation.

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