Dog Park Illumination!

By on January 17, 2011.

In Cambridge, Mass. a community park has gone brown and plans on staying that way. A methane digestor mixes dog droppings and bacteria to create methane gas and covert the energy into lamps. Installed in September, 2010 and funded by MIT, I stumbled upon this public park installation while researching fenced-in dog runs as a program proposal for my upcoming capstone project

Long term feasibility and safety concerns will be assessed in time but as dog owners lobby for better open spaces for them and their friends. Landscape Architects are going to be called on for smart, sustainable, and dog friendly designs.

Check back for the upcoming post on Canine Design and read how this niche settles into the future of our profession.

James Wheeler is a student of Landscape Architecture and Botany at the University of Florida and a contributing writer to Landscape Invocation.

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