Envision 2040 Orlando

By on March 15, 2013.

Per the competition website: The City of Orlando is currently developing the first Green Works Orlando Community Action Plan. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has challenged the community to develop a plan that would transform Orlando, within a generation, into one of the most environmentally-friendly, economically and socially vibrant communities in the nation. In conjunction with the Plan, the City is introducing a competition, titled Envision 2040, which aims to illustrate what the City will look like in the future.

Envision 2040 is an ideas competition that promotes an effort to visualize what Orlando, the most sustainable City in the southeast, will look like in 2040. If all the goals and objectives of the Plan were implemented today, what would our City look like in the future?

Drawings, renderings, and pictures are as important as words in embracing and understanding the possibilities of a greener future. We are seeking professional and citizen design input to promote awareness of the Community Action Plan and to assist in visualizing a greener Orlando. The proposals should illustrate how the topics of discussion (economy, energy, food, green building, solid waste, transportation, water and livability) could transform a part or the entire City.

By 2040, Orlando will meet many of these goals:

  • Energy – Efficient and clean, Orlando uses energy significantly more efficiently, and derives 90% from clean and renewable sources for electricity and transportation.
  • Green Economy – Thousands of Orlando residents are employed in the solar and efficiency industry, urban farming, green building and technologies, sustainable transportation manufacturing, and creation of goods extracted from recycled materials
  • Livability – Orlando’s streets, neighborhoods and abundant parks are vibrant, beautiful, clean, walkable and authentic with attractive landscaping and grand trees.
  • Local Food – Substantial portions of food consumed in Orlando come from local farmers, both adjacent to the City and within it. Food waste is composted for the growth of new food. 
  • Solid Waste – None of Orlando’s waste is landfilled or incinerated. Rather than an environmental liability, Orlando’s waste is viewed as a precious commodity that is mined for the resources contained within it . Many industries use of these mined materials to cleanly manufacture new goods. 
  • Transportation – Driving alone in an internal combustion automobile is a rarity in Orlando. Instead, residents, workers, and tourists enjoy the pedestrian and bike-friendly nature of Orlando, with abundant sustainable transportation choices.
  • Water – Water is viewed as a precious, life-sustaining resource. The various elements of the water infrastructure (potable, storm and waste water) are viewed as an integrative system that brings both nourishment and beauty to the Orlando community.

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