Photoshop Brushes for Landscape Architects / Designers

By on July 28, 2011.

Along the same lines as our recent post on Adobe Photoshop custom shapes, brushes are a useful tool for creating landscape renderings. Shapes allow you to apply realistic images without the hassle of cropping images out of other contexts.

Brushes are different from custom shapes because they lose clarity as they are stretched or scaled larger. In contrast, however, they are largely more versatile in terms of effects and massing.

For instance, if you have a situation where a tree is partially blocked by a building, with a custom shape the process would require somehow placing the shape layer behind a cropped layer of the building. With specialty brushes, you are able to select a space using the wand and only apply the brush to that area. I do recommend, however, keeping your brushes organized in their own layers rather than applying them directly to other images.

Below are some of the free brush resources that we have found extremely helpful. Enjoy!


Palm Tree Brushes

Tree Brushes

Tree Brushes

Tree Brushes – 40 Brushes

Tree Brushes

Tree Branch Brushes

Leaf Brushes

Tree Texture Brushes

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