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Photoshop Custom Shapes for Landscape Architects / Designers

By on June 18, 2011.


Photoshop custom shapes are a huge asset for any landscape architect or designer who wants to utilize Adobe Creative Suite for a landscape plan, section or perspective. Custom shapes allow you to insert an object, such as a tree, and stretch it without loosing any quality because it is a vector graphic. Once you get the right size, you are able to apply blending options to the shape and alter the depth, texture, and opacity. Photoshop custom shapes are extremely useful for landscape plans where you can create custom images for individual plants or plant types. (Note: we take no credit for the creation of these resources, but thank the authors for sharing them with the rest of us!)


Live Trees – 21 shapes


Plan Trees – 20 shapes


Dead Trees – 24 shapes



People Silhouettes – 306 shapes


Businessman Silhouettes – 12 shapes


Business Girls – 12 shapes




Birds – 12 shapes


Weathered Flying Bugs – 21 shapes


Bugs – 20 shapes


Horses – 9 shapes


Sea Creatures – 27 shapes


Butterflies – 38 shapes


Benjamin Boyd is the editor of Landscape Invocation and a graduate of the University of Florida. Ben currently practices landscape design in Washington D.C.

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