Plant (Designer) of the Week: Piet Oudolf

By on February 10, 2011.

By having an affinity to plants, I generally enjoy talking about them; hence Plant of the Week. But I often find myself in a predicament when friends, family and acquaintances want to know what shrub they should use to fill in their yards and how to plant a perennial garden. The answer is never what they want to hear and I cannot bring myself to shouting out a name and feeling comfortable about it.

Reading today’s New York Times article I found many of these answers well exhibited in the Home section by Piet Oudolf.

Mr. Oudolf is a dutch garden designer known for his works with native and ornamental perennials at Millennium Park in Chicago and High Line in NYC. Patricia Cohen of the New York times explains the rest…..

Q&A; with Piet Oudolf: Designing a Winter Garden.


James Wheeler is a student of Landscape Architecture and Botany at the University of Florida and a contributing writer to Landscape Invocation.

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