Jubilee Gardens – West 8

By on February 1, 2012.

Jubilee Gardens is a public park on London’s South Bank. Adjacent to the River Thames and the iconic London Eye, the park is currently undergoing a multimillion pound renovation by the urban design and landscape architecture firm West 8. Currently a large expanse of grass. The park is expected to be an integral part of of the 2012 London Olympic Games when completed this year.

Jubilee Gardens was originally designed in 1977 to mark the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II. However, in its current form as a large grassland, the site was targeted by the Mayor of London as an improvable public space in the Capitol. The park’s large expanse will be transformed into a collection of raised planting beds and small hills. While construction is already underway, plans to utilize the space for screening the Olympics have also been approved.

The new design for the park seems to accomplish much by way of updating and revitalizing an open space in one of the most iconic areas of London. I believe that West 8 has done an excellent job of reinventing the structure of the park to better serve its original purpose – a large public meeting and relaxation space. I do not believe that there is anything particularity groundbreaking, however, with the design… and that is completely OK. The plan brings contemporary concepts for site furnishing, movement, and geometry to the park and it seems like it will be wonderful space when completed. Given the site and situation of the project, I don’t believe that there was as large an opportunity to do something as striking as the West 8 design submission for the St. Petersburg pier.


West 8
South Bank, London, UK

Public Park
Design Completion:

2012 (Projected)

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