Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park South: London

By on January 5, 2012.

The 55-acre park on the south Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is to be designed by James Corner Field Operations, based in New York, and focuses on social landscapes that connect the Olympic attractions built for the 2012 games.

Corner’s design uses the “Arc Promenade” as the major spine of the project, connecting the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Center and the ArcelorMittal Orbit Structure. This bold move follows the edge of the adjacent river, making it easy to orient yourself and maintain views of the river.

The central promenade creates a base for the navigation and organization of the site, which uniquely separated this design from the other entries. Branching off the “Arc Promenade“ is a planting ribbon or hedgerow that further breaks up the scale of the landscape, creating rooms for flexible event planning and varying scales of socializing. The hedgerow divides event rooms from lawn and gardens areas, creating a unified but separate spatial organization.

The major hub and existing ArcelorMittal Orbit Structure, nicknamed “The Orbit”, are located at the end of the promenade, visually drawing you through the space and all of the site’s attractions. “The Orbit” occupies the events hub plaza which houses large gathering spaces, a café, and ticketing kiosks. This massive observation deck was designed by Amish Kapoor in 2009 with the use of Rhino3D software, and has truly become the iconic image of the South Park.

COST: The projected cost of the project is between £7-12 Million or $11-19 Million, excluding the already built Olympic facilities and “The Orbit”.

Image Source: Malcolm Reading