Revitalizing Our Communities with Parks

By on January 21, 2011.

Revitalizing Communities with Parks from ASLA on Vimeo.

The most recent video on’s “Designing Our Future” series speaks to some of the issues with current park systems in America’s cities. Many cities are able to claim a high ratio of green space and public parks. However, many of these parks are not integral pieces of a city or community identity and some are only accessible by a more than average vehicular trip, leaving those without a vehicle with an inefficient public transit ride.
It seems pretty evident that location and identity need to be priority #1 for successful future parks in America and their role in community revitalization. The ASLA video adequately addresses and gives examples of how involving the public in design establishes that identity and unifies people with their spaces. This bond is the base of the pyramid that will support the success of a park and its community. The video does a better job of making a cohesive argument and is part of a very information series that depicts simple solutions to small and large scale issues and how the landscape architect plays a key part in the equation.

Marco Ancheita is a student of Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida and a contributing writer to Landscape Invocation.

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