Sculptural Playgrounds

By on June 6, 2011.

German landscape architects ANNABAU are abuzz online with their urban plaza/sculptural playground in Wiesbaden, Germany.

The smooth textures of  rubber play mounds lie central to an spherical at ground level, organic play sculpture. The play structure sits atop a landmark space overlooking historic districts and civic arenas. This called for a design that serviced both as a play areas as well as a plaza/art space. Play netting suspended on a chartreuse armature create open rooms for a variety users including: children, neighborhood residents, art lovers, and intrigued passerby’s.

ANNABAU’s  contemporary and progressive design is well very covered by both ArchDaily and Landezine. So, we dug a bit deeper to briefly explore how play structures can offer appeal to more than just children and family. Whether it is mass production marketing or public preference, neighborhoods in most suburbias and cities often tolerate this status quo.


What about play structures that include adults of all ages? Parc Diagonal Mar in Barcelona, Spain may have made the PPS (Project for Public Spaces) Hall of Shame, but the inventiveness of interactive play for all ages should be considered when possible. Like oversized slides and musical pneumatics.

Hope for vintage and modern play spaces is still alive. The most comprehensive review for playgrounds of all types is Playscapes and it features playgrounds from the past and the future. Here are some inspiring images from all over the web.

James Wheeler is a student of Landscape Architecture and Botany at the University of Florida and a contributing writer to Landscape Invocation.

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