Street-side Modular Stormwater Treatment Installations

By on December 31, 2010.

MWS - 1

Modular Wetlands has recently released a linear stormwater treatment culvert which promised to be a step up from the widely-varied rain gardens that many different landscape architects are using in their designs.

The product, called MWS-Linear, is essentially a highly efficient culvert with integrated bio-remediation space for plants to filter out pollution that is washed of the streets. The company claims that the product is built to adhere to “the most stringent stormwater regulations.” It uses a “revolutionary filter media” called BioMediaGreen and is followed by a standard plant matter wetland space for bio-remediation.

Though low on the design scale, this seems like an easy alternative for those people who are at odds with smart stormwater remediation to wet their feet with more sustainable planning alternatives. Though I wouldn’t advertise this too hard with the best of design firms, the potential for a product like this to infiltrate local planning and engineering initiatives is paramount. Imagine being adble to use this produuct to mind the middle ground between the expansive stormwater design that you are pushing and the tight budget, old-fashioned city council that you are working with.

MWS - 2

MWS - 3

MWS - 4

Benjamin Boyd is a student of landscape architecture at the University of Florida. He is the editor for Landscape Invocation and aspires to practice in the DC area upon graduation.

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