Words of Wisdom: Allain Provost

By on October 29, 2010.

In preparation for senior year capstone, we offer ourselves guidance from some wiser men and women .

Stage One: Warm-up and Prologue

“The time during which you develop the project is personal and you are constantly on the razor’s edge between the intelligible and sensitive; you  try to find your way without any distinction between artistic and scientific creativity.

First of all the landscape architect has to be a sponge and absorb natural and human data about the site. And above all to become physically acquainted with it, appreciate its views, get a feel for its atmospheres and a grasp of its different scales.

You must put boots on as well as rely on aerial photography. You must leave the site and return to it in the rain. Take into account the inside and the outside, go beyond the sites boundaries and appreciate the smaller details as well as the wider perspective. Some sites deserve much attention and subtlety: those that have “a body, a soul”, for which you must moderate; and those that are of no special interest where a strong intervention is a quality instead of a fault….”

-Allain Provost ‘Paysages Inventes’


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